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The Online Farmers' Market.

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What is CherryTree?

Cherrytree - Farmers’ Market supports farms and the local foods movement by giving small farmers the ability to market themselves to nearby consumers and sell their products online. Users can make purchases of fresh & local produce, meat, dairy and more through the platform and pick it up directly from farms, markets, and farm stands in their community.

Why CherryTree?

CherryTree allows you to easily order fresh produce directly from the source! With the options to pick up from a local farm or stand, or pick up from a local farmers market, you can support local producers AND treat yourself to fresh fruits and vegetables. Without farmers, we can’t eat! Support your local farmers today!

How to use CherryTree?

CherryTree is an easy to use, marketplace-styled application. Simply:
1. Create an account;
2. Scroll through or search for a specific product, farmer, or market;
3. Select the produce that you wish to purchase;
4. Fill in the quantity and how you want to receive your items - via pickup, or delivery to a local farmers market.
You can also search to find nearby farms, markets, and stands, and connect with your local farmers!

Where to use CherryTree?

CherryTree has partnered with farmers and markets in Easton, PA, and will be available for use in the Easton area beginning May 5th.
We have plans to expand soon to several areas including: New Haven, CT; Northampton, MA; Philadelphia/The Main Line, PA; and Madison, WI.
If you are a small farmer, market, or farm stand interested in bringing CherryTree to your area, contact us at support@cherrytreemarket.com